Corfu is the largest of the Ionian Islands. It is famous around the world as a summer destination. Popular for its natural beauty, Corfu attracts number of tourists every year. Throughout the year fairs and festivals are held in almost every settlement and town on Corfu. All fairs and festivals are wonderful celebrations with music, food, traditional costumes and dance.

There are many beautiful places you may visit in Corfu island:
• The Old Town with the unique Venetian style where you can walk through.
• “Spianáda” in the centre of the city, one of the biggest squares in Balkan area, where you can enjoy concerts and any kind of traditional or other events.
• Listón, a romantic place with cafes where you can enjoy a sunny summer walking.
• Achillion Palace, that took its name from the Greek hero Achilles. It was built for Sissy, the empress of Austria who was fanatic lover of Greek Mythology.
• Museum of Asian art, the only Asian museum stood in Greece nowadays where founded in 1927 where a Greek collector make a donation for the museum.
• Mouse island, one of the most beautiful places in town of Corfu, where there is a small church “Panagia Vlacherna”. You can enjoy the view of Mouse island and sea from the top of a hill in Kanoni in one of cafes.  
• Saint Spyridon, located in the old town behind the above mentioned Liston. It is the first that you may see when boat approaches the Corfu island. Saint Spyridon is the protector of the island and reading mythology he saved the town from plague. 
• There are many picturesque villages you can visit. Kasiopi where you can enjoy the delicious fish tavernas. Agios Matheos, a mountainous traditional village, Pelekas, another traditional village one of the most busy places of Corfu island during summer season, Lefkimi, the second largest village of Corfu, while may other villages like Argirades, Ano Korakiana, Auliotes, Benitses, Gouvia, Kavos, Kontokali, Lakones, Liapades, Moraitika, Perivoli, Petriti, Sidari, Skripero and many more.
• Enjoy the Greek deep blue seas visiting Corfu island’s beaches. The most worldwide known beaches are Palaiokastritsa, Sidari, Acharavi, Agios Stefanos, Avlaki, Barbati, Dasia, Halikounas, Glyfada, Agios Gordios, Issos, Kalami, Kanoni, Kavos, Kerasia, Kontogyalos, Kouloura,  Liapades, Nissaki, Pelekas, Paramonas, Peroulades, Rovinia, Santa Barbara and many more.



Carnival in Corfu
Carnival has its roots in ancient Greece and Dionysus the God of Wine taking place at the beginning of Spring. The celebration of Carnival in Corfu has Venetian influences. On the first Sunday of Carnival we have the first parade in Corfu Town. The last Thursday of Carnival the so called “tsiknopempti”, all the taverns a full of people eating and drinking. On the third Sunday according to tradition the King Carnival is sentenced to death by fire meaning that the evil is burnt with him. Then follows eating and drinking before the four days of fasting before Holy Easter.
Greek ancient spirit and Venetian carnival influence, makes Carnival in Corfu one of the most impressive in the world. It is a time full of music, celebration, bright costumes and laughter.


Easter in Corfu
During Easter in Corfu Orthodox and Catholic faith celebrate. Good Friday, is  the day of the so called “epitafios” where Jesus is buried. Epitafios passes the streets and people follow with candles in their hands accompanied with orchestras and choirs. 
The Easter custom that is worldwide known is the throwing of pots from windows in the morning of Holy Saturday. At the night of Holy Saturday in midnight the bells chime for the Resurrection of Jesus celebrating with fireworks, music and singing. Wine and Easter dishes like red eggs, fogatsa, tsilichourda, columbines and the traditional “mageiritsa soup”, ends the Holy Saturday. In the following morning of Sunday the churches take the icon of the Resurrection through the town streets. 
In Corfu, in contrast with the mainland traditions, the lamb on the spit is not part of Easter Sunday custom. Easter lunch Corfiot style is soup "avgolemono" with 2-3 different meats. Traditionally lamb on the spit is served on the Monday after Easter.


Corfu Gastronomy
Corfu cuisine is a mixture of Greek and Western tastes, with elements of Mediterranean cuisine including many herbs and spices. Some of the most popular local dishes of Corfu are: “pastitsada” (beef or cock in red sauce), “sofrito” (beef strips with a white garlic and wine sauce), “savoro” (fish in a white vinegar, garlic and spices sauce), “bourdetto” (fish in a red spicy sauce), egg-lemon soup (served on religious holidays), stuffed chicken (the New Year's day traditional dish), “tsilichourda” (Easter soup with entrails), the koum-kouat fruit (made into preserves and beverages), “freskamenta” (or a prickly pear), “mandoles” (roasted and caramelized almond bars), “mandolato” (sweet bars made of sesame, almonds, honey, sugar and rosewater), “colombina” (Corfu Christmas cake), ginger beer (soda with lemon, ginger and raisin syrup)



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