The perfect wedding destination for your upcoming event. The climate in the island of Gods is the mildest in Europe while Crete is one of the sunniest in islands in Mediterranean. More than 300 days of sunshine exist every year something that makes Crete an ideal destination for a beach wedding.


Crete is the largest island in Greece, and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can admire the remnants of brilliant civilizations, explore glorious beaches, impressive mountainscapes, fertile valleys and steep gorges, and become part of the island’s rich gastronomic culture. Crete simply has it all!


Crete is divided in to four prefectures. Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasithi.



located  on the western side and most fertile region of Crete and is dominated by the impressive White Mountains “ Lefka Ori” and its famous National Park, which occupy the largest part of the region. In Chania you must visit the following:
• Castle of Gramvoussa, a castle built by Venetians, with breathtaking views.
• Venetian Lighthouse, the symbol of the Chania town built by Venetians in 16th century and reconstructed by Egyptians in 19th century.
• Samaria Gorge, one of the largest gorges in Europe and one of the most popular destinations in Crete. It extends for 17 km and gives its visitors a view of impressive landscape.
• Frangokastello Fortress, one of the landmarks of Crete that has a mysterious story.
• villages Sfakia, Town, Paleochora, Kissamos, Akrotiri, Kalyves, Platanias, Stylos, Spilia, Vryses, Therissos and many more.
• beaches Elafonisi, Balos, Falassarna, Platanias, Georgioupolis, Agia Marina, Drapanias, Finikas, Frangokastello, Golden beach, Kalamaki, Kiani Akti, Kissamos, Loutraki, Maleme, Marathi, Pahia Ammos, Stalos, Stavros and many more.





is Crete's smallest prefecture, located between White Mountains and Mountain Psilorítis, is synonymous with gorgeous mountainscapes, marvellous beaches, Cretan lyre melodies, legendary caves, historic monasteries and monuments, traditional mountain villages and luxurious holiday resorts. You must visit:
• Fortrezza, an impressive construction, trademark of Rethymnon town.
• Preveli Monastery, in the south of Rethymnon town, a monastery played important role in all Cretan fights for freedon.
• Ideon Cave, where god Zeus was born according to mythology.
• the villages Anogia, Agia Galini, Agios Vasilios, Argiroupolis, Atsipopoulo, Melambes, Myli, Myrthios, Plakias, Prasses, Spili and many more.
• the beaches Bali, Agia Galini, Panormos, Perivolia, Adele, Platanias, Agios Georgios, Agios Pavlos, Damnoni, Enetiko, Geropotamos, Petres, Pigianos Kampos, Plakias, Preveli, Rodakino, Town beach and many more.





the capital of Crete is the largest and most populated region on the island. You may admire exceptional archaeological treasures, significant coastal settlements, a series of picturesque villages, vast valleys with olive groves and vineyards as well as the best organized tourist infrastructure in Crete. You have to visit:
• Minoan Palace of Knossos, the most famous and largest Minoan site in Greece.
• Koules Fortress, the symbol of Heraklion Town that stands at the entrance of the port.
• Phaestos Minoan Palace, the second important Minoan civilization site in Crete.
• Caves, that used as residences in prehistoric times.
• the villages Hersonissos, Agioi Deka, Arhanes, Ethis, Harakas, Kasteli, Lentas, Malia, Prinias, Sivas, Vianos and many others.
• the beaches Hersonissos, Amoudara, Amnissos, Tymbaki, Stalida, Agia Pelagia, Matala, Malia, Fodele, Gouves, Kalamaki, Keratokampos, Kokkini Hani, Kokkinos Pyrgos, Lygaria, Tertsa and many more.   





the eastern most and least mountainous region of Crete, where the population scattered in four semi-urban centers: Agioss Nikolaos, Ierapetra, Sitia and Neapoli. The mythical palm tree forest of Vaï, the Gulf of Mirabello, the windmills on the Plateau of Lassithi beaches lapped by crystal waters and beautiful cities all make up Lasithi a unique destination to visit.
• Spinaloga island, where lepers of Greece were transferred until 1960.
• Monastery of Toplou, one of the largest and most important monasteries in Crete.
• Gorge of Ha and Gorge of the Dead, ideal places for trekking.
• Kales Fortress, located in Ierapetra at the entrance of the port.
• Sea Lake, a lake connected to the sea through a channel located in Agios Nikolaos.
• the villages Elounda, Agios Nikolaos, Tzermiado, Ierapetra, Sissi, Klamafka, Kritsa, Milatos, Neapolis, Plaka, Sitia and Tourloti.
• the beaches Elounda, Vai, Palekastro, Istro, Agia Fotia, Amoudara, Havania, Almiros, Makrigialos, Agios Nikolaos, Papadiokampos, Tholos, Xerokampos, Pahia Ammos.





Cretan Gastronomy
Each corner of Crete has something to offer. The core of the Cretan cuisine consists of food derived from natural sources, whereas food of animal origin was more peripheral in nature. People consumed seasonal products, available in the wider local area. Some of the most famous dishes are: Dakos salad (soaked dried bread with feta cheese and tomato), Kalitsounia ( small cheese or herb pies), Apaki (smoked pork meat), Gamopilafo (traditional wedding dish, rice cooked with meat and bones), Snails with tomato, Sofegada (old recipe with seasonal vegetables), Patouda ( sweet, with a fine aroma and ground walnut, almond and honey filling, kneaded with orange dough), Xerotigana (wedding desert with flour, water and Cretan Raki and drizzled with syrup made from thyme honey, sesame seeds and cinnamon), drinks Tsikoudia or Raki  and Rakomelo.




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