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Greece is a unique place to for your wedding. There are many Greek destinations and islands scattered in the Greek Aegean and Ionian sea each one with a different beauty. Make your wedding in Greece and you don’t have to travel for the honeymoon. We are here to assist you and personalize your wedding even if it is luxury or a simple one.
We can provide all services you may need for your wedding in Greece from legal matters, hair and makeup artists, photographer, video, wedding reception design, fireworks, balloons, spa treatments and all finishing touches. RentVillasGr offers a wide selection of villas in Greece, which best suit for weddings, wedding parties, wedding ceremonies or simply a luxurious accommodation for the wedding guests.              
Clear blue seas & skies and sandy beaches, with the golden warmth of the Greek sun shining down on your guests, makes an extraordinary celebration of your wedding event.
Marry in Greece offers all special wedding services in Greece for an unforgettable wedding.     

Wedding types in Greece

The ceremony of a civil wedding takes place in the Greek destination the couples prefer. The couple must be in Greece some 8 days before the ceremony.
The necessary documents should be taken in person to the town hall in order to obtain a marriage licence. The licence issued seven days after the submission, and it is valid for six months.
After the issue of the licence, the couple must submit another application to the mayor or president of the town they will marry, who will arrange the civil ceremony.
The couple must provide two witnesses to attend the wedding ceremony who will bring their ID cards or passports.
The civil ceremony is short and simple, it takes place in the town hall and conducted by the mayor of the town. For this service the couple must pay a fee. The ceremony is in Greek and there may be a need for a translator. The marriage certificate will be issued three days after the ceremony.
Many couples choose to be legally married at the town hall and also have a separate, non-legal ceremony in another location.


The rite of an orthodox wedding may takes place in any type of church in the preferred Greek destination. In Greek orthodox wedding the union of man and woman is sanctified by God.

The ceremony is performed by a Priest where in front of him there is a covered ritual table with the Holy Gospel, a cup of wine, the Rings and the Crowns. The couple stands opposite to the Priest the man on the right and woman on the left. An orthodox wedding has two parts. In the first the Best Man (“koumbaros”  in Greek) of the couple takes the rings and exchanges them to the couple three times. Then the Priest Blesses the rings and the first part come to an end. The second part is the crowning of the couple where the Priest holds the Bride’s and Groom’s hands till the end of the ceremony which means the “oneness” of the two in front of the God. The peak of the rite is the crowning where the Best Man exchanges the crowns three times. Then the couple drinks red wine (it symbolizes the blood of Jesus) from the same cup and the ceremony ends with the dance of Isaiah and the removal of crowns.


A Catholic wedding may be held in any Greek destination where a Catholic church exists. Ask for our advice in the selection of your final wedding destination.

A Catholic wedding where the couple is both Catholics the rite takes place in Nuptial Mass the couple receive Communion. In the case of marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, the ceremony could be performed outside of Mass, without Communion.
The groom is waiting in front of the altar and bride is escorted by her father followed by organ music or a hymn. The priest starts the ceremony by reading a psalm from the Gospel and the couple exchange vows. Then the Priest blesses the rings and the couples place them on each other’s finger while saying vows. The Priest reads, short bidding prayers for the couple and then the Nuptial Blessing. If there is a Mass the couple receives Communion. Finally the couple sings the register with witnesses.


A Jewish wedding also can be take place in the Greek destination that couple prefer and a  synagogue exists. We can recommend you a rabbi. The couple must be both Jewish. The Greek law does not permit a Jew and a non Jew to be legally married. The ceremony will have a Huppa, breaking the glass at the end of the ceremony and Ketubah.
The rabbi accompanied by a band he welcomes the couple with prayers and hymns. The couple goes under the prayers shawls where four men hold the four edges to create a cover that symbolizes the home and the protection from God.  Rabbi blesses the wine and first he and then the couples drinks in the presence of two witnesses. The Groom put the ring in the Bride’s finger while he whispers a pray-permission. Rabbi reads the wedding contract and the Groom breaks a glass with a kick in the memory of the destruction of the Temple of Solomon and Jerusalem.


Ethnic wedding traditions represent the culture, values and beliefs of a particular country. Many wedding traditions are full of poignant symbolism and others, while beautiful, reveal the superstitious nature of their originating culture. Irish wedding traditions emphasize good luck. Greek wedding traditions feature symbols of fertility. African wedding traditions incorporate the joining of two families. Regardless of the country of origin, whether it's Japan, China or Scotland, each wedding tradition greatly honors the sanctity of marriage and features underlying themes of unity and new beginnings.
In any Greek destination we can arrange your wedding under any practicing faith that is allowed by Greek laws.


Restating your love by making new vows or make use of the original that you had on your wedding day. Strengthen your love and devotion to the one of your life. Many couples choose this kind of wedding to celebrate wedding anniversary or the day of first meeting.


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